The Longbarrow

I worked with a team of stonemasons re-creating a Neolithic longbarrow in Wiltshire, the first of its kind to be built in over 5,000 years. This was an amazing opportunity, especially as it combined my profession with my other main interest which is the study of prehistory. Huge sarsen stones from the local area were used for the fa├žade, smaller sarsens for the entrance and honey coloured limestone for the internal chambers. For more information and pictures 


The Roundbarrow

Once again I was privileged to work alongside other skilled craftsmen and stonemason at the Roundbarrow at Higher Ground Meadow, Dorset.

There are about 1,000 stone niches which contain urns of cremated remains. My barrow brother Joby and I built the time circle and the main central chamber roof, using a technique called corbelling. This produced a strong and very eye catching domed, circular roof and archway. Purbeck stone was used throughout.

Offering people an alternative place of rest for their loved ones on an existing green burial site.